HOLLY WARBURTON is an Artist working in a variety of media ~ experimental photography, installation, film, painting and glass. She began making multi-screen installations incorporating slide-tape and super-8 projections while studying Fine Art in London at St Martin’s School of Art BA and the Royal College of Art, MA graduating in 1983. She has exhibited her installations in galleries and site-specific venues throughout the UK and Europe and developed a multi-layered style of photography, which involved projecting and painting on glass in the darkroom. Holly has exhibited her photographic artworks world wide, most regularly in Japan. Her commissions include creating photographic artworks for Opera, Theatre and Dance as well as record and advertising companies. She has taught art workshops within schools and with young refugee students in collaboration with art galleries, museums and dance companies. She has continued to create installations with digital projections collaborating with musicians and dancers. Her work is a journey of exploration and her fascination with projected light is often at the heart of her creativity, leading her to work with stained glass at the start of the millennium. She has made a series of glass lamps and lanterns inspired by Neolithic monuments of Brittany. Often the lamps are designed to create an immersive environment of projected light and a space for meditation and contemplation. Her work is inspired by mythology, Indigenous cultures, spiritual belief systems, Tarot and alchemy. She is a passionate beekeeper creating artworks inspired by the Honey bee that incorporate microscopic photography and painting. These artworks are sold to help save the Honey Bee. Holly Lives and works in London and at her studio in France.


Please contact me here for further information holly@hollywarburton.com

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